For anyone who hasn’t read part one of my blog, Illuminati Through My Mind, Soul, and My Body, then click on that link.

I ended that blog by saying “At the end of the day, educating ourselves is the best way for us to really know what’s going on.  Instead of people harping so much on certain celebrities being a part of the secret society, why don’t we just learn more about the establishment and how they’re trying to gain the power, wealth, and resources of the world which includes eventually depriving the rights and liberties of us as a people so they can have full control of everything.”


Since writing that blog, I’ve been talkin’ to one of my homies who put me up on a lot of shit as far as the Illuminati/New World Order.  Since then I’ve been doing research and more research and I continue to do research to educate myself more on this corrupt system called (*cough*) the government.  As far as rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye are concerned, I don’t believe they’re a true threat to us as a people, The Establishment (Illuminati or whatever you decide to call them) is the true threat.


Wise Intelligent from the rap group, Poor Righteous Teachers, put out a song called “Illuminati” and he’s exposing what’s really going on as well as saying that we need to stop worrying about Jay-Z and start worrying about the real threat.  Peep game… Jay-Z Illuminati? A Conscious Rapper Says NO!

It’s time for us to stop worrying about the puppets and worry about the puppeteers.  This whole Illuminati gossip that people are engaging in is taking everyone in circles with no real info or questions and answers and now people are bitchin’ about rappers being freemasons, devil worshippers, and everything else under the sun.  It’s cute (pause), but it’s a complete waste of time; it’s a distraction and it’s hindering people from addressing the real threat.  I can care less about rappers who might possibly be promoting the “agenda” because at the end of the day, while we should hold them accountable for their faults/actions, we have to stop making rappers more than what they are, which is musicians, nothing more, nothing less.  It amazes me how cats continue to deify celebrities and make them more than what they are.  They’re in their entertainment box, let’s keep them there.  Any empty worshipping and dick riding of these individuals is doing more damage to you than them.  I have yet to see when rappers will enslave and rape people, destroy economies, start wars, divide and conquer people, promote global domination, etc.  I honestly feel that some of these rappers as well as other celebrities are chasing money and will sell their soul for riches, but I highly doubt they care anything about global domination.  They care about money, power, and respect and the status and financial gain that comes from that.

I’m not here to force my beliefs on people because people will believe what they want to believe.  And before I did these blogs, I was afraid people might see me as some conspiracy theorist or something, so I kinda shyed away from blogging about this stuff.  I later on realized that NOT saying anything is just as worst and I’m not helping by withholding information that might be beneficial in informing people on what’s really going on.  If things are going to change for the better, we’re going to have to ante up at some point and change things ourselves.

Here’s some links to some stuff that expose the truth behind everything…

New World Order Bilderberg Group – Open Your Eyes and See The TRUTH

This website called The Vigilante Citizen is one of my favorite sites right now and it is very informative.  My boy put me up on this site and it’s legit.  The person who runs this site has sources to back up his articles.  Besides looking up the Bilderberg Group, people need to look up a dude named Edward Bernays.  He’s known for pioneering propaganda and public relations.  Propaganda and public relations is what the elite use to control people… Don’t believe me, just watch this movie…

The Century of the Self

If you can’t stomach the 4 hours, just copp the DVD and watch it in bits and pieces (that’s what I did lol).




That’s just a few things to get you up to speed, but at the end of the day, you have to find it in yourself to do the knowledge.


Some people aren’t too crazy about him, but another person to look up is Alex Jones.  I’m still learning more about this cat, but from what I’ve seen so far, this dude exposes the truth behind a lot of shit going on in the world.  Google him and go to his website.  He has sources to back up his info too just like Vigilante Citizen.
As always, I’m open for discussion/dialogue.  If anybody has any problems with what I’m sayin’ or wants to engage in a discussion where I can be further educated/informed (vice versa) on what’s going on behind the scenes, get at me.  Ignorance isn’t always bliss…