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  • Songwriter
  • Recording Artist


In regards to what P.A.T. does best, it’s to set pen to pad and come up with the most mind-blowing lyrics that not only evoke emotion, but change.  Change that is both quotable and will be remembered for years to come…. Click Here to Learn More About P.A.T.


  • Performing Artist


An actor whose persistence and tenacity landed him roles in HBO’s The Wire and The Dark Knight Rises.

This man is a jack of all trades as a musician and actor we take a glimpse into the mind of an artistic who speaks from the heart.

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Pat Fraser



"Pat took our vision and recommendations and went above the average standards. He did not simply take our instructions and create a cookie-cutter prototype, he blended it with his expertise and creativity and truly formed an expression of art with all his graphics design. We would highly recommend his services for projects that require high visibility with an individualistic style-set."


Indie Entrepreneur


Fraser constructed as a platform to promote his own unique brand of entertainment as well as an online resource to give independent brands, small business owners, indie music artists, graphic designers, startup companies and other independent businesses access to the tools needed to successfully self-promote their projects and ideas…. Click Here to Learn More About


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