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"What seems to separate him from most other hip hop artists is a self awareness and witty sense of humor..."

P.A.T.M.A.N. and Robbin’


"P.A.T. hit me like a ton of bricks. Not since the East coast Avengers and Esoteric were rhyming about killing Bill O’Reilly have I found a political powerhouse in the same regards."

Sell Out Records: P.A.T. Ignites A Powder keg of Change on P.A.T.M.A.N. (Powerful Artistic Truth, Misunderstood or America's Nightmare) A Hip Hop Record To Open Your Eyes


"P.A.T's style is very tongue and cheek, yet he shows so much emotion when putting his lyrical schemes together."

Pwr Moves - Hip Hop Lives Here: P.A.T. - P.A.T.M.A.N. - @PatUniverse [Album Spotlight]


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There’s only one P.A.T., or Pat Fraser if you prefer the government name. A creative and entrepreneurial type or better yet an “artistpreneur.” Abstract rhymes combined with high-level consciousness, cutting-edge wit and an uncanny sense of humor along with a complex, off-kilter approach to storytelling full of awe-inspiring punch lines, metaphors, and one-liners makes him one of the world’s top tier lyricists. A graphic designer by trade, Pat is one in a few entertainers with a college degree. An actor whose persistence and tenacity landed him roles in HBO’s The Wire and The Dark Knight Rises.

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